© Lacroix, 2008

Mon vieux téléviseur RCA, à écran cathodique, par une soirée où l’insignifiance du contenu diffusé m’a poussé à me venger créativement.

En faisant la photo, m’est revenu en mémoire la chanson Turned Off T.V. Blues qu’interprétait Alvin Lee,  accompagné par les Ten Years After,  au début des année 70.


It’s a cold and winter’s night and the rain is falling down
It’s so cold, cold outside, snow is laying all around
There is blackness in my window, and the silence is the only sound

Well I’m sitting and I’m thinking though I like to watch T.V.
It just fills my head with garbage that my eyes ain’t surposed to see
Got the turned off T.V. blues now, but I’m lonely as you see

Well I’ve got a worried feeling, all the pain and misery
Well, it’s happenning in the world now, even though I cannot see
Though my body is now with you, still my mind is runnning free

There’s just nothing I can do now, though I search from day to day
But the truth is so hard to tell you, and you know it, anyway
It’s a cold and winter’s evening, I wish my blues would go away
© 1973, Alvin Lee, Chrys-A-Lee Music

Alvin Lee et sa Gibson ES-335
Turned off t.v. blues

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